About In & Out

In & Out Technologies is a team of 12 IT professionals who work together with our clients to provide the best, most efficient set of business technology services possible – and to maintain those services and keep our client businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Our founding partners – Brian Johnson and David Boissonneault – brought In & Out to life based on their more than 30 years’ combined experience in the corporate IT sector. Where most managed services companies focused on meeting uptime requirements, they decided to focus on building partnerships with their clients and ensuring that every technology solution worked as well as possible every day of the week.

In operation for more than 10 years, In & Out now works with a range of clients, from small businesses to financial service corporations, airlines, and other IT companies.

We’re all about building relationships and creating ongoing success for our clients. The better their businesses run, the happier we are with our solution choices for them.

David Boissonneault, Co-Founder

The name actually came from one of our first clients, impressed with our expertise. We’d been struggling with what to call the business for some time, but when I heard the words “Man, you guys really are in and out!”

Brian Johnson, Co-Founder